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​​​​​​  Coffee Shop

100% natural GOURMET coffee shop products: 100% Arabica coffee, hot chocolate, natural herbal teas and Nespresso made in Italy coffee pods to give you a gourmet coffee break.  

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We are present on the National territory, every products you are going to buy comes from your country, absolutely nothing will be sent from outside, because of that, no international shipping fee will be charge.  

  High quality

All our propucts are 100% natural GOURMET products. That means they have the higher quality on the market​​​​​​​ and unique nutritional qualities like the Ganoderma supplement

Top sports supplements and substitute meals 100% natural for all those who want to lose weight, change the way of life in an ealthy way or simply emproove theyr sport's performances meintaining a 100% natural life style. ​​​​​​​

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ORGANO, with over a decade of success with thousand of satisfied customers in over 33 countries around the world is the leading company in the coffee and wellness sector at a global level.

The company is based on a foundation of integrity, good example and trust.

Since 2008, ORGANO has specialized in producing and marketing proprietary nutrition products, specialty brewed beverages, and personal care products.

With natural ingredients sourced from the Earth, ORGANO provides superior quality, taste, and nutrition in all its products.

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Bianca Bettassa

I have been using Organo products for almost 2 years. The products are very easy to order on the website and arrive within 48-72 hours. My favorites are Latte and Mocha. Since 2014 they have been hyperthyroid and OG products have been an excellent adjunct to conventional therapy to keep values under control. From January to April 2019 I lost 7.4 kg using OgX Vanilla for breakfast and dinner and Green Tea during the day.

What People Say

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Mihai Antici

Hi guys, my name is Mihai, I am 30 years old. I have been using all Organo products for 4 years, the best benefits I had: the defeat of gastritis, stress control, hat reinforcement and excellent sleep. When I had problems with sciatica due to the herniated disc I took 3 spores par day instead of painkillers. I drink six coffees a day, green tea, Mycelium every day. For weight control I take the OGX twice a week when I go to the pool, I'm really satisfied!

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Maria Mignatta 

I am 48, customer from 9 years, I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for about 9 years, I could not walk and all the treatments I did have not brought me many results, I tried Organo products just because of curiosity. I took coffees, herbal teas, spores and OGX.

In 1 year I managed to walk again as before, my skin is much more elastic and I am much more active, I would recommend Organo products to anyone!

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Gianfranco Lorenzato

Hi guys, my name is Gianfranco and I'm 57 years old.

I used Organo products for 7 years, the best benefits I had were the increased energy and the reduction of inflammation due to the herniated disc.

I took Spores, Ganoderma and Mycellium every day instead of painkillers.

I use all the coffee products in particular the Black and for weight control, I take the OGX, I'm really satisfied!

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